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Seismic Retrofit Services

Trust us to protect your home from the devastation of an earthquake.

In addition to earthquake retrofitting, Nieto Valle Construction is also an experienced foundation repair contractor providing professional foundation repair services to ensure a stable foundation all the time. Contact us for a Foundation Inspection in the Bay Area.

Seismic Retrofit Services

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Is your home properly reinforced to resist the extreme stress caused by an earthquake?

Seismic Retrofit Experts

We specialize in Custom Seismic Retrofits in the San Francisco Bay Area

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Improve the strength of your foundation to increase your safety in the next earthquake

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We provide detailed quotes for essential earthquake retrofit upgrades.

What is Earthquake/Seismic Strengthening?

Earthquake Strengthening“, or “Seismic strengthening“, is the process of retrospectively adding strengthening elements into existing buildings in order to make them more resistant to the stresses imposed on them during Seismic (earthquake) events, ground motion, or soil failure due to earthquakes since many buildings were built before regulations required them to meet safety requirements.

Why Retrofit?

>A seismic upgrade is highly recommended for houses built prior to the 1980’s because the building codes were not seismic compliant or strictly enforced at that time.

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